Most Trusted For The Data Security And Collections Compliance Compliance Of Businesses

Debt collections need a trusted and robust channel and are sensitive to data safety and security. We comply with global standards and protocols in collections and data safety. From the design and functions of our services, everything is aligned to the latest industry norms and regulations.

Consent-driven proceedings

Maintaining transparency and trust, we provide a disclosure screen to consumers with all necessary information about the use case of their data and proceed only with the consent of clients.

Confidential access

Only authorized and trusted DRA trained users can access the data of our clients with proper information to the one in charge of the details

Consistent tracking of regulations

To remain compliant consistently, we keep a track of regulatory framework and changes.


Every record is logged and reviewed for proper auditability of processes. We purge the data periodically as per agreement terms.

Safe, Secure, and Smart

With money in the corridor, security is a must.
We stand by all the industry standard compliance protocols, registrations, and legal procedures.