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Joining our omni-channel debt management and collections system is a smart choice for a host of reasons. We help you to achieve a faster recovery of your bad debts, a strong increase in your collection rates and an often-dramatic reduction in write-offs.

Think Debt Resolution, Think ClearDu

We don’t just recover the debt but do it in the best possible manner. What sets us distinctly ahead of other debt collectors is our efficiency in doing our job. Giving due thought to the debt type and formulating a bull’s eye hitting stance, we show speed but no hassle. Our understanding of this business is very strong which helps us formulate the right strategy for different products and segments. Our track record shows why we are one of the best bad debts recovery companies.

Loan specific actions

We are not conventional and so our approach towards handling a debt collection project is completely scientific. We spend time at the planning stage, so that execution is seamless. execution.

Flexible solutions

We don’t have a cut-paste solution for each debt recovery. With the help of smart omni channel communication, we leverage agility in our actions as per the portfolio requirement.

Identifying the issue

Every debtor not paying your dues has a reason. We smartly detect the intentions and reasons of the debtor to execute the recovery through a smart, legal, and moral channel.

Technically loaded solutions

Infusing the maturity of humans and the analytical prowess of AI and ML, Cleardu provides a best solution for your NPA resolution.

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Safe, Secure, and Smart

With money in the corridor, security is a must.
We stand by all the industry standard compliance protocols, registrations, and legal procedures.


frequently ask question

What is the default?

Default is when a borrower fails to make timely payment of the due amount as per a predefined payment structure. For example, it could be either interest payment or interest and principal amount payment.

In simple words, default is when the borrowers fail to pay bills on time.

What happens when payment of debt is not paid within the stipulated timeline?

A lending institution initiates the debt collection process.

Moreover, when you don’t pay your debt on time, you might find yourself in a situation where you have to pay fines and interest. You might also have to pay additional fees for late payment or non-payment of debt.

What is debt collection?

Debt collection is the process of pursuing payments of debts owed by individuals or businesses. It involves the collection of overdue installments, due penalties, imperfect obligations, or any other charges.

What is a debt collection agency/debt recovery agency?

An organization specializing in debt collection is known as a debt collection agency or debt recovery agency. These agencies work as per the process guidelines defined by lending institutions.

How can a debt collection agency contact me?

Debt collection agencies can contact the borrower via different communication modes or make a physical visit as per the defined process by the lending institutions.

Do I have to pay a debt collector?

If you owe money to a Creditor, you are responsible for paying it. However, there are many negative consequences of not paying an overdue debt and going to collections.

However, it is essential to check the person’s identity and ensure that the lending institution authorizes the person to collect money from you.

What happens if I don’t pay my dues/loan amount?

When you fail to pay the borrowed amount as per the agreed payment schedule, the payment default is reported to credit bureaus periodically. Therefore, this default or delayed payment reflects in your credit report.

Every lender institution follows guidelines given/set by regulators. Accordingly, your account is being reported to credit bureaus. There are various stages of default. Therefore financial institutions take action.

What is a Credit Report?

A credit report is a history of your credit behavior and contains detailed information on your loan and credit. Credit Reports are obtained from Credit Bureaus.

How do credit bureaus get my information?

Credit bureaus get information from your creditors, such as banks, NBFCs, credit card issuers, auto finance, or housing finance companies.

How does default on a card/loan affect my credit score?

Any default in credit card or loan payments will negatively reflect your credit score. The longer your dues remain unpaid and the greater the frequency of unpaid bills, the harsher the impact on your credit score.

However, if your payment is regular and if your credit score is good, it will be considered a healthy credit report