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Employing The Best Collection Strategies For Your Bad Debts Collection.

With the motive of collecting fastest, fullest, and at the lowest possible cost, ClearDu has dexterity in early bucket debt collections. The right strategies according to the debt type and effectiveness of the process executed by experienced agents at ClearDu ensures lowest flow rates. Handling early delinquency wisely, we initiate a viable action plan for a sureshot on your pending dues. The robust machine learning platform of the company makes intelligent moves to chase debtors and bring the best resolution rates.

Industry Defining Collection Methods

Finding the touchpoint of the debtor by employing smart predictive analysis and AI technology, we have been consistently delivering the best performance in the debt collections process. While the industry has witnessed significant changes in the last few years, one major change is reduction in average ticket size and very high number of new to credit customers. Educating these borrowers, timely collections, reaching out to each borrower and ensuring timely collections is something we do best by deploying our smart technology tools.

Methodical and professional

Having in-house tech experts, operations resources and a legal team. For us, size of the portfolio doesn’t matter. Our passion and aim is to provide best in class service.

Tailored solutions

Depending on the product type and delinquency stage, we come up with tailored as well as flexible solutions to reduce your cost of collections.

Proactive communicators

We know that communication is the biggest weapon for debt collection and that is why we have inquisitively intelligent people for handling the interactions.

Industry beating success rate

Cutting-edge technology and well-versed professionals at ClearDu have always come out with flying colors when set out for recovery.

Relation strengthening approach

Our quality control team ensures that our team follows ethical approach all the time. For us, it is very important to develop rapport with the borrowers.

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Safe, Secure, and Smart

With money in the corridor, security is a must.
We stand by all the industry standard compliance protocols, registrations, and legal procedures.


frequently ask question

What is the default?

Default is when a borrower fails to make timely payment of the due amount as per a predefined payment structure. For example, it could be either interest payment or interest and principal amount payment.

In simple words, default is when the borrowers fail to pay bills on time.

What happens when payment of debt is not paid within the stipulated timeline?

A lending institution initiates the debt collection process.

Moreover, when you don’t pay your debt on time, you might find yourself in a situation where you have to pay fines and interest. You might also have to pay additional fees for late payment or non-payment of debt.

What is debt collection?

Debt collection is the process of pursuing payments of debts owed by individuals or businesses. It involves the collection of overdue installments, due penalties, imperfect obligations, or any other charges.

What is a debt collection agency/debt recovery agency?

An organization specializing in debt collection is known as a debt collection agency or debt recovery agency. These agencies work as per the process guidelines defined by lending institutions.

How can a debt collection agency contact me?

Debt collection agencies can contact the borrower via different communication modes or make a physical visit as per the defined process by the lending institutions.

Do I have to pay a debt collector?

If you owe money to a Creditor, you are responsible for paying it. However, there are many negative consequences of not paying an overdue debt and going to collections.

However, it is essential to check the person’s identity and ensure that the lending institution authorizes the person to collect money from you.

What happens if I don’t pay my dues/loan amount?

When you fail to pay the borrowed amount as per the agreed payment schedule, the payment default is reported to credit bureaus periodically. Therefore, this default or delayed payment reflects in your credit report.

Every lender institution follows guidelines given/set by regulators. Accordingly, your account is being reported to credit bureaus. There are various stages of default. Therefore financial institutions take action.

What is a Credit Report?

A credit report is a history of your credit behavior and contains detailed information on your loan and credit. Credit Reports are obtained from Credit Bureaus.

How do credit bureaus get my information?

Credit bureaus get information from your creditors, such as banks, NBFCs, credit card issuers, auto finance, or housing finance companies.

How does default on a card/loan affect my credit score?

Any default in credit card or loan payments will negatively reflect your credit score. The longer your dues remain unpaid and the greater the frequency of unpaid bills, the harsher the impact on your credit score.

However, if your payment is regular and if your credit score is good, it will be considered a healthy credit report