Collections Through Registered, Licensed, And Compliant Channels

Ensuring regulatory compliance, ClearDu's legal team approves every step and content or business logic after maintaining strict compliance. With complete logging of actions for each collection, we are auditable at each step of collection and keep hold of each collection parameter. Our physical spaces are secured and safe to keep the physical documents safe. The latest technology allows us to ensure all contact frequency regulations and other communication norms.

ClearDu provides an industry-compliant debt collection that is blemish and guilt-free.

Data Security

All the digital data like borrowers information and other related details are secured through a compliant channel as per industry rules of information technology.

Data Transmission

With compliant equipment and software, we have a secure network of data transmission without risking breaches. Our payment methods are safe and secure.

Data Encryption

No third party is able to interfere or access any detail about you, your client, or the proceedings of the collection. All the communication is done through a secure channel.

Data Disposal

Unwanted or dead data is disposed of digitally with smart technology that does not allow the reformation of data from external agents as per our Data Purging Policy.

Periodic Vulnerability Assessment

We are focussed on maintaining the authenticity of our software and hardware. Regular vulnerability assessments and leakage checks are done to ensure the continuous safety of the data we are holding

Safe, Secure, and Smart

With money in the corridor, security is a must.
We stand by all the industry standard compliance protocols, registrations, and legal procedures.